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Want A Treat? Nature’s Nibbles Planning Expansion to Second Location… With Canine and Human Products!

"Everything is in development. We have a lot to do, we have lists longer than our arms," said owner Chris Gabriel

Josephine at the Alexandria waterfront. (Photo by James Cullum)

Alexandria, VA – Nature’s Nibbles, the all-organic and natural pet food store in Del Ray, is expanding! Owner Chris Gabriel is eyeballing a lease at a new location in the Hollin Hall Shopping center on Fort Hunt Road in the Alexandria part of Fairfax County. The new location will be a little different, though, since it will also sell all natural products for humans.

“We just got the lease and are taking a second look at it. It looks like it’s a go,” Gabriel said. “Everything is in development. We have a lot to do, we have lists longer than our arms. The website is going to be getting redone we’ll be putting out press releases and blanketing the area with direct mailings and social media.”

Gabriel and his wife, Anne, opened Nature’s Nibbles 14 years ago. The couple were unable to find healthy food for their sick dog, and were not satisfied with the products at pet stores. Then Anne was diagnosed with breast cancer and converted to an all-natural diet, in addition to seeking medical treatment. She is now cancer free.

“MOM’s Organic Market in Del Ray is pretty successful, and I want the new space to be like a mini-MOM’s,” Chris Gabriel said. “Eventually we want prepackaged food and ingredients for smoothies. We’re trying to give people food alternatives that are really good for them.”

The new Nature’s Nibbles will carry their usual all-natural pet food, as well as protein powders, supplements, shampoos, deodorants, and toothpastes.

“Our lease starts July 1, and the space probably won’t be able to open until August or mid September.

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