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Chinquapin Wahoos Defeat Fort Meyer, 267-184

Wahoos 3-0 last Saturday

Chinquapin Wahoos (Courtesy photo)

Alexandria, VA – On June 29  The Chinquapin Wahoos beat the Fort Meyer Squids to go 3-0 in the Colonial Swim League. The final score was 267-184 (girls 116-106, boys 144-78).

The Wahoos jumped out of the gates to win the five, 18, and 200-yard medley relay. Emil LaSida, Jolan Foronda, Margaret Merrill, and Liya Fairfax combined for a winning time of 2:04.89.

Here are some highlights:

Eight and Under Age Group

The Wahoos swept the boys 25 freestyle with Logan Phillips (17.84) in first. In the backstroke, Luca Lorenzen-Schmidt placed second (23.47), and Philips took third (24.01). Lorenzen-Schmidt took first (28.39). Lorenzen-Schmidt, Albert McCommons, and Tyler Turner captured the 100 medley relay with a time of 1:33.84.

In the girls freestyle, Chloe Fox broke 17 seconds (16.72) to claim first, and Grace Wittmer (19.52) finished second. Fox (19.81) and Whittmer (23.54) finished one and two again in the backstroke. Fox also captured first place (24.15) in the breaststroke.

Nine-10 Age Group

In a strong field, Dylan Lim (31.14) took first in the boys freestyle, while he (at 38.68) and Alex Guevara (41.30) took second and third in the backstroke. Guevara, Amir Smith, Lim, and Eamonn Greiner finished second (1:15.15) in a very close 100 meter relay.

Camila Zuniga (33.21) took second in the girls freestyle and second (41.41) in the backstroke. Halle Thomas (45.32) captured first in the breaststroke. The 100 meter relay team of Ellie Robb, Halle Thomas, Zuniga, and Liya Fairfax (1:14.44) owned first place.

11-12 Age Group

Jack Scheifle (35.53), Yahia Omar (36.03), and Seamus Greiner (39.10) swept the boys backstroke. Greiner, Scheifele and Johnson (2:30.72) took second in a very exciting relay, where the times were less than one-tenth of a second apart.

Kate Merrill (27.82) broke 28 seconds for first in the girls freestyle and took second (33.41) in the backstroke. Cate Cox (31.56) swept the freestyle, while Margaret Merrill broke 33 seconds (32.96) to take second in the fly.

Chinquapin Wahoos (Courtesy photo)

13-14 Age Group

Bodie Lauinger (27.14) Jack McLaury (27.18), and Mikal Helms (28.07) finished close to each other in the boys freestyle event, leading to a sweep all all four individual events. Lauinger, Jolan Foronda, McLaury, and Helms (2:04.87) also took the 200 meter relay.

Maya Solis (28.03) and Maria McLemore (30.21) took 2-3 in the girls freestyle, while Solis (31.73) and Catherine Salomons (32.87) took first and second in the backstroke event. Salomons also finished first in the breaststroke and butterfly.  Salomons, McLemore, Margaret Merrill and Kate Merrill teamed up to take first (2:12.00) in the 200 meter relay.

15-18 Age Group

Will McLaury took first (25.62) in the boys freestyle. Emil Lasida (26.26) and Will Helms (31.31) took 1st and 3rd in the backstroke. The team of Lasida, Maderro, Helms, McLaury, and Diego Flores-Acosta (2:00.24) took first in the senior boys.

Lydia Greenwood (26.93) took first in the girls freestyle, first (31.06) in the backstroke, and first (28.87) in the fly events.

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