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Coast Guard Auxiliarists Clean Up 75 Pounds of Litter in Four Mile Run Park

Auxiliarist John Milkiewicz clearing trash from the bank of a small stream that flows into Four Mile Run. (Photo by John Stevens)

By Mary Wadland

ALEXANDRIA,VA–Besides assisting the U.S. Coast Guard in encouraging Recreational Boating Safety, volunteer Coast Guard Auxiliarists support many other Coast Guard functions including environmental protection.

In early June, Auxiliarists from Flotilla 25-08 (Mount Vernon), in cooperation with the non-profit Four Mile Run Conservatory Foundation, cleared litter from Four Mile Run Park in Alexandria, Virginia.

They removed nearly 75 pounds of trash, much of it plastic, from the park’s shore lines, natural areas and playing fields, preventing it from polluting Four Mile Run stream and eventually harming the Potomac River.

Learn more about the Coast Guard Auxiliary at Consider volunteering a few hours a month to participate in various activities that benefit our community and country. Contact Flotilla 25-08’s Vice Flotilla Commander Tudorel “Ted” Caliga at [email protected] to discuss joining the Auxiliary. Coast Guard Auxiliary.

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