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Pet Obits: Wilson Ramos Schaefer and Peanut Ranger Schaefer


In Memory of Wilson Ramos Schaefer and Peanut Ranger Schaefer, Late of the Ragland Family

ALEXANDRIA,VA–Peanut (~10/4/04-5/14/19) passed away at fourteen and a half, after a very full life. Born in Kentucky, Peanut made his way up the shelter circuit to Southampton, New York. We were his fifth owners, living in D.C. then, and we were warned about his “flight tendencies.” He escaped as soon as he arrived in the city, spending the next 16 days on the run. But after making it across Key Bridge, Peanut surrendered to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

Soon after he was returned to us, we realized that he was not a wandering soul, but a little boy looking for a safe home. After that, there was no looking back. Peanut spent the next eight years with us, moving from Kalorama to Mt Pleasant, and then to Del Ray, where he got the backyard and dirt holes of his dreams.

Although Peanut was well known for his great adventure, to his family he was so much more: an old and gentle soul who turned into a party guy at the dog park. He loved kiddie pools, mud pits, and hiding in the bushes. He was a mama’s boy, his dad’s copilot, and a sibling with infinite patience. Peanut turned us into a family and we will be forever grateful.


Wilson (~9/14/08-10/29/18) passed away in his Del Ray home this past fall from an aggressive form of cancer. Wilson is remembered for his curious nose, eager eyes, and ears that went on for days. He spent most of his life in Highland County, Virginia, working as a hunting dog, and we are confident that he’s survived by many pups there.

In 2015, Wilson came through the Fairfax County Animal Shelter to join the Ragland pack. He loved his retirement, especially the family and the dog bed parts. Peanut wasn’t too sure about an addition at first, especially one with no sense of personal space. They soon became true brothers, however, with Wilson letting Peanut choose the walks and Peanut agreeing to share his bed on occasion.

Wilson joined us when the Ragland family needed some sunshine in our lives. For the past three years, he brought all the sunshine. His hound dog nose got him into trouble more than once, but his heart was pure gold and he loved his family fiercely.

Wilson taught us that it’s not the mistakes you make, but the love you spread. Buddy, we know you were on the couch daily, and it’s okay. We know that you had so much more life to live and we will always mourn the years we didn’t get with you.

Peanut and Wilson will live on as Liz and Will Rangland’s first fur babies and as legends to our human babies, one of whom we will always consider to be raised by dogs. Thank you both.

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