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Looking Sharp! Alexandria Sheriff’s Office Announces New Uniform, Shoulder Patch

Alexandria Sheriff's Office Announces New Uniform, Shoulder Patch

Alexandria, VA – Sworn members of the Alexandria Sheriff’s Office are now wearing navy blue instead of brown as the agency transitions to new uniforms. All deputies will wear solid blue uniforms in place of brown shirts and tan pants and those holding the rank of sergeant and above will wear white shirts with blue pants replacing tan pants.
The new Alexandria Sheriff’s Office uniforms – looking good!
Uniforms also feature a redesigned shoulder patch in blue, gold and white colors with detail from Alexandria’s city seal and a five-point star associated with Sheriffs’ offices throughout Virginia.
The Sheriff’s Office is making this change due to difficulty in obtaining brown and tan uniforms that were consistent in color and to allow more options for uniform styles and functionality. Deputies at the courthouse, serving civil process, and working in administrative assignments will continue to wear a dress pant and buttoned shirt. Deputies working at the jail will wear a more functional uniform consisting of utility-style pants and a short-sleeve golf-style shirt that is better suited for their duties and work environment.
For more information, contact Lieutenant Sean Casey at 703.746.5116.

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