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City of Alexandria Offers Free Medication and Firearm Locking Devices

Suicide Prevention Works!

Alexandria, VA – The City of Alexandria is offering free locking medication boxes and firearm trigger or cable locks as part of Lock and Talk Northern Virginia. This safety program is a collaborative initiative of the Suicide Prevention Alliance of Northern Virginia.

Studies show that when firearms are accessible, individuals are three times more likely to die by suicide, and that the majority of people who die by suicide use either firearms or poisons or medications. Suicide and accidents can be prevented by limiting access to lethal means and talking with those who may want to end their lives. The best strategy for protecting a person at risk is to remove lethal means from the home until a mental health crisis is resolved.

Gun locks save lives

The free firearm locks and medication lock boxes offered from this program include information on safe handling, along with tips on how to secure firearms and medications. Alexandria residents and employees may call 703.746.3436 to obtain these free life-saving devices.

Suicide can be prevented. Anyone at risk of suicide, or who knows someone at risk, should get help right away. Treatment works and people recover. Call PRS CrisisLink at 703.527.4077, text “CONNECT” to 85511 or call City of Alexandria Emergency Services at 703.746.3401. For life-threatening situations, call 911 immediately.

For more information and for a list of resources, visit

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