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Young people are our next generation of philanthropists

(Courtesy Volunteer Alexandria)

Volunteer Alexandria

By Marion Brunken

ALEXANDRIA,VA- It is wonderful to see our young residents come out and volunteer. Alexandria has a lot to offer to introduce children to volunteering, although opportunities are not always easy to find. Volunteer Alexandria’s youth and family volunteer program promotes civic responsibility and recognizes community service. Whether your family is one parent/guardian and one child or an extended family with many branches, families that engage in community service frequently develop a lifelong commitment to volunteering. Here are the top six reasons why children should volunteer are:

(Courtesy Volunteer Alexandria)

1. Children develop compassion as they learn the value of giving to others. They learn to appreciate what they have and to work with others.

2. Volunteering encourages children to do things at which they excel, as well as things they’d like to learn. Moving beyond their comfort zone helps build self-confidence.

3. Children discover inner strengths and life skills by volunteering. Teamwork, tolerance, and problem-solving help them cope with challenges in their lives.

4. Children learn how to be a valued member of their community. Growing up with a greater sense of social responsibility makes them more likely to volunteer throughout their lives.

5. Volunteering gives kids the chance to meet people from different backgrounds and to make new friends. It enhances their emotional development, fostering socializing and communication.

6. Volunteering shows the next generation how to be what Mahatma Gandhi said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

(Courtesy Volunteer Alexandria)

A great way for families to get started is to volunteer to pick up trash in your local park and to seek out community events that allow children to volunteer with a parent/guardian.

Volunteer Alexandria hosts several activities throughout the year, including our seasonal food distribution each month and the holiday community toy drive that allows children as young as six to help sort the toys, games, and books that will be distributed to 300 + families in December. These opportunities and more will appear on our website –

Volunteer Alexandria mobilizes and connects people, six and older, with community needs. For more details about volunteering, visit or call 703-836-2176.

(Courtesy Volunteer Alexandria)

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