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Hannah, late of the Epstein family

By Ellen Epstein

My darling Hannah crossed the rainbow bridge around noon on Saturday, July 27, 2019. She was my wonderful love, my best friend, and my companion for a good fifteen and a half years. She was with me through thick and thin, always excited to see her mom (me) and to give her the best greeting ever, jumping up and down and covering my face in kisses.

From the day I met Hannah, just 8 weeks old, at a snowy farmhouse in Connecticut, and brought her home to our apartment in Brooklyn, she made everyone smile and feel loved. Hannah was a huge personality in a small, beautiful package. Always happy (except when another dog tried to get up on the couch with her mom – grrrr…) and loving to everyone.

Ellen and Hannah, at Rehoboth Beach, another day to play. (Ellen Epstein)

The highlights of Hannah’s life were:

Going on walks all day with me. [I own Bow Wow Meow, a local dog walking company.] For a good 10 years, Hannah spent her days playing with her friends in parks and on the streets of Old Town, Del Ray, and elsewhere. That’s how she kept her girlish figure. And how lucky was she to be able to do that?

Helping her mom through every tough time imaginable, with her constant companionship and those big brown eyes that looked at me with total trust and love. How lucky was I to have that in my life?

Shopping with her “Aunty B” who let everyone at Nordstrom think Hannah was hers! How lucky was Aunty B to be able to do that?

Sleeping with me every night and letting me cuddle and kiss her every time I turned over. How lucky were we both to be able to do that?

Hannah was Bow Wow Meow’s inspiration and the best dog a girl could ever have. We were a family and I will love her and miss her forever ️.

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