Around the World with Zebra

PHOTOS: Zebra Around the World!

Montreal, Canada

Dave Millard and daughter, Amanda Millard, both Alexandria residents, during a recent trip to Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

“Photo taken from atop Mount Royal overlooking the City skyline and the St Lawrence River.” –Dave Mallard

Lampedusa, Italy

“Our final stop in our 5-day stay in Italy. The Zebra, Prosecco and the harbor beach are the perfect ending to a wonderful trip.” – Norm Dailey

Zermatt, Switzerland

“This was day three of our 7-day Competitours Challenge Trip (think Amazing Race for regular people with no bug eating), a journey with daily challenges, and each day/night is in an unknown destination across Europe.” – Susan Dailey

Westmoreland State Park

The Zebra Press was on scene to celebrate the union of Susie Saffelle and Coach Mike Hughes, who both graduated in 1974 from T.C. Williams High School. –Susie Saffelle

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