Outrageous Behavior and Stirrings of Greatness Rule at Folger’s “1 Henry IV”

By Sara Dudley Brown, Theatre Reviewer

King Henry IV (Peter Crook, right) shows great displeasure with his son, Prince Hal (Avery Whitted) in Shakespeare’s coming-of-age-tale 1 Henry IV. On stage at Folger Theatre, September 3 – October 13, 2019. Photo by C. Stanley Photography.

Folger Theatre’s “Henry IV Part 1” (“1 Henry IV”) has two extremely different acts. Act I is hilariously funny with Ed Gero as Falstaff behaving altogether believably, but outrageously. Act II is extremely contentious and a little terrifying with the killing of the ill-tempered Hotspur (Tyler Fauntleroy) by his cousin, Prince Hal (the sexy and adorable Avery Whitted), and with Hal saving the King’s (the elegant Peter Crook’s) life. Did you get it? Believe me, it gets a lot more complicated!

The rebel forces discuss strategy against King Henry IV (left to right: Tyler Fauntleroy as Hotspur, Kate Eastwood Norris as Vernon, and Naomi Jacobson as Worcester). Photo by C. Stanley Photography.

“How,” you say? Well, Worcester, the king’s brother, is played by the indominable Naomi Jacobson, and Jazmine Stewart brings it as Ned Poins, Hal’s companion, which is generally a male role. Kate Eastwood Norris plays both long-suffering Mistress Quickly, who presumably, with her husband, runs the Boar’s Head tavern frequented by Sir Falstaff and his gang of miscreants–and she portrays Vernon, one of the rebels who seeks to overthrow the King. See?

The cast of Folger Theatre’s 1 Henry IV. (top: Peter Crook as King Henry IV. Left to right: Avery Whitted, Jazmine Stewart, Kate Eastwood Norris, Naomi Jacobson, Maribel Martinez, Alex Michell, Todd Scofield). Photo by C. Stanley Photography.

But wait, don’t leave me yet…it gets easier to understand and enjoy as the play unfolds. Truly. It was a great pleasure to see/hear such skilled and talented actors make Shakespeare’s language sound conversational, easy to understand and even contemporary with the unwritten pauses, emphasis, grunts, facial expressions and the like that constitute Shakespearean acting. That skill combined with the masterful directing ability of Rosa Joshi and the other creative people associated with this amazing production, such as Alice Gosti, movement director and choreographer, Sara Ryung Clement, scenic design, Palmer Heffernan, original music and sound design, as well as Jesse Belsky, lighting design. They all bring this production to thumping, neon-outlined life! And, spoiler alert: the stage is washed in fabulous red lighting for pointed emphasis, but my favorite moment was the end when the huge neon IV becomes V and the spotlight comes to rest on Prince Hal. Get it? Of course you do! Oh, my!

The battle begins. Shakespeare’s political history play 1 Henry IV is on stage at Folger Theatre, September 3 – October 13, 2019. Photo by C. Stanley Photography.

There are lots of wonderful actors in this production including Maboud Ebrahimzadeh, who plays Blunt and Mortimer, both to perfection! Ebrahimizadeh is an actor’s actor! I never tire of seeing him morph into the different roles he plays. And Peter Crook as King Henry is as confused, sad, loving, angry, and as perplexed as any dad would be when he sees his son appearing to become a ne’er-do-well just like his surrogate dad and dear friend, Falstaff. All the King wants is for his son to be like Hotspur and crave attention and want the crown. Of course, King Henry doesn’t suspect that Hotspur will turn on him and try his best to overthrow his throne! When Prince Hal suddenly comes to his senses and rushes to his dad’s aid, saving his life, all King Henry’s fears dissolve and you see him soften before your eyes. AND all the while you see Hal begin his metamorphosis into a patriot and loving son. Beautiful.

A joyous moment between Falstaff (Edward Gero, left) and Prince Hal (Avery Whitted). Photo by C. Stanley Photography.

Other favorite moments: the tavern scenes in the first act with Ed Gero, Falstaff, and Avery Whitted, Prince Hal, who together offer a graduate-level course in Elizabethan insults, led by Falstaff, of course! But my true favorite memories of this production are the themes of fathers and sons and Hal’s progress from prodigal son to patriot to a true son of the King to hero! All in all, Folger Theatre’s “I Henry IV” is a tremendously satisfying and heroic production!

Performance and Ticket Information: “I Henry IV” is on stage from now through October 13, 2019. Running time is approximately 2 hours 45 minutes with one intermission. Tickets may be purchased from the Folger Theatre Box Office at 202-544-7077 or online at


Sara Dudley Brown

Sara Dudley Brown is the Theatre Editor of The Zebra Press. She graduated with a music degree in voice from Rollins College Conservatory of Music in Winter Park Florida. After several years of professional singing and acting (Disney World and The Kenley Theatres as well as voice-over and film here in the DMV area), trying and failing miserably at being Barbra Streisand (the post was already filled), Sara decided to take her lifelong love of music and the theatre to create a profession which would use everything she had learned theatrically and musically over the years—corporate event production and management. She began with department store events, working for the May Company putting on events in 18 stores, and went on to found her own corporate event management company. She recently retired after 30 years of mounting mega events internationally and domestically for some of the world’s top aviation manufacturers. Now Sara is once again using her years of theatrical work as well as her musical training to review Metro Area professional theatre productions for The Zebra Press. She thinks this is a much more sane way to live and never tires of the excitement of a theatre opening!

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