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Alexandria City Council Unanimously Passes Prohibition of Firearms on City Property

Alexandria City Hall. (Photo: James Cullum)

Alexandria, VA – As of Sept. 14, city council has amended the Code of the City of Alexandria to include a prohibition of firearms on city property. The code is not in effect, however, until the Virginia General Assembly amends a law that would allow the city to make such a declaration.

City council has unanimously ordained that the possession, carrying or transportation of firearms in buildings owned, leased or operated by the City; or in parks and in any recreational or community owned or used by the City, is prohibited. The ordinance also states that the possession, carrying, storage or transportation of firearms by City employees, agents or volunteers in workplaces owned, operated or managed by the City is prohibited.

“That’s the street, that’s the sidewalk… you can have a gun if you can get it into your house, so long as you keep it in your house, you can have it,” said Dino Drudi, a public speaker at the second reading of the ordinance. “That’s a more extreme gun ban than many of the gun control communities had before the Supreme Court struck it down.”

There are some exceptions to the prohibition. The ordinance will not apply to military personnel when acting within the scope of their official duties, sworn law enforcement officers, and private security personnel hired by the City. Let’s not forget our historical re-enactors and any other persons who possess firearms that are inoperative or otherwise incapable of discharging a projectile, and are not loaded with operable ammunition, when such persons are participating in, or traveling to or from, special events that involve the display or demonstration of such firearms.

ICYMI: Council Docket: No Guns on City Property Up For Review, Scott Shaw’s Food Hall…

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  1. Congratulations on your virtue signaling. You know full well that you are barred from enacting such laws by the Constitution of the Commonwealth. Rather than looking for true ways to reduce violence, you played “let’s pretend” under the guise of doing something. Sic Semper Tyrannis is on the flag of Virginia for a reason. Perhaps you should reacquaint yourselves with the history of Alexandria.

  2. Kind of tired of the carpet bagging liberals trying to make northern Virginia like New York. No way the general assembly allows that. Supremacy clause. We’re not going to have 85 different sets of gun laws.

  3. This from the same people who, in lieu of Columbus Day, will be celebrating indigenous people’s Day. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  4. Does Alexandria deftly engage in projects involving the repair of its crumbling infrastructure? Certainly not.
    Does Alexandria do anything about the increasing homeless, vagrant, and illegal immigrant problems? No, it doesn’t care.
    Does Alexandria perpetually increase your taxes to fund their bureaucratic busy-work? ABSOLUTELY.
    Does Alexandria want its residents unconstitutionally unarmed and unable to protect their families in public spaces so that they can continue to posture progressive dogmas? YOU BET!

  5. Are people who own guns and want to carry them openly in public to intimidate others simply bullies and idiots? YES!

    1. Idiots, maybe. Bullies, no. Only small handful of people who openly carry firearms are doing it to intimidate anyone. The rest of us are just exercising our American liberty.

    2. Shocked to see someone with such myopic views of gun owners posting a comment like that, Cyclistpedestrian. It’s almost like you have no practical reality based information to obtain an objective world view from at the same fingertips you used to type your comment.

  6. LOL at the “reporting” that fails to note the city hasn’t the authority to enact such law.

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