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Permanent Ink: Get Ink’d at Fury 13 Tattoo Shop!

Fury 13 Artist Julio Marenco. (Courtesy photo)

Alexandria, VA – Greetings abound when you walk into Fury 13 Tattoo. Patrons are immediately welcomed by a resident artist, or one of the owners Korina and Itzkar Bonilla, which always helps to lessen the sting of waiting in anticipation of that sting that comes later.

“We try to create an environment where everybody feels comfortable to,” Itzkar Bonilla told The Zebra. “Usually people feel intimidated inside a tattoo shop. But over here the personality of the artist has to be friendly to fit with what we got going on.”

Fury 13 Tattoo opened in January at 25 S. Quaker Lane, and since then the ink has been flowing! On Friday, Sept. 13, more than 70 tattoo enthusiasts got new tattoos at the shop.

“We knew it was going to be packed and a little crazy,” said Korina Bonilla. “We said originally we’d cut off at 7:00 p.m but the artists were like ‘no, no, let’s keep going!’”

Get Comfy

On a recent afternoon, the mounted television at Fury 13 played Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the shop is spacious and bright. The Bonillas have incredibly detailed tattoos on their own bodies. Korina’s favorite tattoo is one of her dog, Jax, and Itzkar’s favorite is a tattoo commemorating the date he and Korina started dating.

“I don’t have any [tattoos] for him,” Korina joked.

The customers at the shop widely range from Alexandria Police Officers getting touch-ups to senior citizens getting their first-ever tattoos.

“I went there seeking  to get a tattoo honoring my family and was met by Julio at the door,” said customer Stephen Riley. “He was all smiles and open to my idea of the tattoo I wanted. The tattoo turned out fantastic and I have been going back ever since.”

Feel like you’re ready to get your first tattoo or add more art to your canvas?

Join Fury 13 Tattoo as they host a fundraising event for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! On Oct. 5, a portion of their proceeds will go to the Vola Lawson Breast Cancer Memorial Fund in Alexandria.

Leslie Rodriguez’s tattoo by tattoo artist Julio Marenco. (Courtesy photo)

Customer Leslie Rodriguez feels like she’s part of the family at Fury 13 Tattoo.

“In total, I’ve had four of my 11 tattoos done by artist Julio Marenco, who does fantastic work,” she said. “The atmosphere of the shop is laid back and the artists make you feel like part of the family each time you visit.”

For more, contact Fury 13 Tattoo on Facebook. 

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