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Looking Ahead With Visions of the Past: Todd Healy Just Released His 2020 Old Town Calendar

"I'm an essence guy and I have a great appreciation for the essence of this city and this area," Healy told The Zebra.

Find Todd Healy’s newest calendar at Gallery Lafayette, 130 S. Royal Street. (Photo: James Cullum)

Alexandria, VA – Got anything planned for 2020? It might help if you have a calendar. No, not on your phone! We’re talking a genuine bonafide calendar with art from Alexandria’s historical artist Todd Healy. The Port City has been Healy’s muse ever since he moved to the area in 1976, and these days you’ll find him toiling away in his Gallery Lafayette studio at 130 S. Royal Street in Old Town.

What’s Healy doing in there? Deciphering treasure maps?

“I’m an essence guy and I have a great appreciation for the essence of this city and this area,” Healy told The Zebra. “I’m all about preserving the history of Alexandria in my own way.”

Todd Healy at Gallery Lafayette, 130 S. Royal Street. (Photo: James Cullum)

Healy’s art and framing business have been a staple of Alexandria for more than 40 years. In fact, Healy’s latest project – aside from the awesome calendar, which everyone should immediately pick up – is painstakingly refreshing something that kept audiences all atwitter back in the day – bird’s-eye views of cities by Charles Magnus.

Alexandria City Council chambers. (Photo by James Cullum)

You might recognize one of Magnus’ birds eye paintings as the backdrop of the Alexandria City Council chambers in City Hall, and that’s also one of the paintings Healy recreated.

A Birds’-eye View of Alexandria – recreated by Todd Healy. (Courtesy photo)

Former Alexandria Mayor Allison Silberberg has been friends with Healy for years, and said that his work is authentic, charming, and fun.

“Todd Healy is one of the most talented artists, not only in Alexandria, but anywhere in the country,” Silberberg said. “He has a remarkable eye. Cokie Roberts selected him for the cover of her book, ‘Capital Dames,’ and she could have chosen anyone. Todd and his wife Lorraine have run their well-known store in the heart of Old Town for decades. They provide the kind of personal touch that people love, which is why many come to Old Town. He is gifted as an artisan and he takes his craft to a whole other level and redefines it.”

Journalist Cokie Roberts and Todd Healy was the artist for her New York Times bestseller “Capital Dames: The Civil War and the Women of Washington, 1848-1868.” (Courtesy image)

And in case you missed it, Healy’s other bird’s-eye paintings include San Francisco in 1854, Annapolis, and Chicago.

Healy’s calendar, now in its 37th year, has been bought in bulk by a number of local Realtors, but you can pick up the latest version at Gallery Lafayette! The watercolors and illustrations individually take more than 100 hours to finish!

Christ Church by Todd Healy. This piece was in Healy’s 2019 calendar. (Courtesy image)

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