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City of Alexandria Seeks Bids for a Fiber Optic Network

Faster Speeds and More Options for Alexandria Residents

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ALEXANDRIA, VA — The City of Alexandria is accepting bids for the construction of a new City-owned fiber optic network.

The Municipal Fiber project was designed to improve connectivity for government buildings, public schools, libraries, public safety communications, and the City’s Smart Mobility transportation initiatives.

Alexandria residents will also benefit. The City will develop the infrastructure for the fiber optic network and lease the remaining space in the cables to service providers. Providers will be allowed to compete fairly, which will encourage more choice, better service, and faster speeds for cable and broadband.

The new network will replace the current “I-Net” network, which connects close to 90 government and educational facilities. I-Net was the first network of its kind in Virginia. It is primarily leased from Comcast.

Whenever possible, the City will lay cables where current digging projects are in progress to keep costs down and limit disruption to neighborhoods and businesses.

The contract will be awarded in early 2020. Construction is scheduled for spring 2020, once contract negotiations are complete.

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    1. 5G will require the installation of small cell antennas on utility poles, streetlight poles, and traffic signals. The City of Alexandria approved 5 year agreements with Verizon and AT&T to permit installation of small cell facilities at a public hearing on Saturday October 19, 2019. For more information about small cells in Alexandria, visit:

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