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National Family Caregiver Month: Here’s 5 Tips For Caregivers in Alexandria!

Here are some resources you can use to make life easier.

Alexandria, VA – Do you take care of a family member or loved one at home? Since November is National Family Caregiver Month, The Zebra thought it wise to lend a helping hand to those 40 million Americans (some of whom live in Alexandria) with a few tips from Capital Caring Health.

“Many family caregivers are overwhelmed with medical and personal care they might not feel qualified to provide, when what they really want is to focus on meaningful time with the people who matter most to them,” said Carolyn Richar, chief mission officer at Capital Caring Health, which Capital Caring supports more than 7,000 families in the DMV every year.

Capital Caring Health provides the following tips for family caregivers:

  • Determine your family member’s wishes and priorities, so your care aligns with their preferences.
  • ‘Fall proof’ the home by making sure objects and furniture are out of pathways and walkways and removing loose throw rugs that could be trip risks.
  • Organize medications in one place and create a medication ‘safety zone’ with good lighting and clear instructions so that when it’s time to take medications, it’s easy to do.
  • Create an emergency plan in case of serious weather or other issues.
  • Take breaks and talk to someone when feeling overwhelmed or depressed.

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