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Alexandria City Council to Decide on Ordinance for Junk Dealers, Antique Dealers, Pawnbrokers…

The city wants to make it easier for these businesses to report to the Alexandria Police Department.

Alexandria, VA – Be careful where you get the money for all of those Christmas presents! The Alexandria City Council will conduct a public hearing on Dec. 10 on an ordinance that will make it easier for junk dealers, antique dealers, pawnbrokers, canvassers, and dealers in secondhand articles and precious gems to provide information to the Alexandria Police Department.

The new ordinance is intended to streamline the process for businesses to report merchandise. The current section of the City Code 9-8-1, establishes requirements for recording of transactions and reporting the details of such transactions to the Police Department.

“The ordinance amendment updates the City Code to make it current with emerging technologies, to allow the most efficient method of delivery of transaction records, and to eliminate burden on businesses of extraneous reporting requirements,” the ordinance reads.“It further provides an enforcement measure for the Police Department if a regulated business refuses to report the transaction records electronically.”

Each vendor is currently required to hold items for 15 days and maintain records of transactions that will be given to the police.

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