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City, DASH, and WMATA Reviewing Bus Stops at Braddock Road Metro

Effective December 15 - WMATA 10A/B and DASH AT3, AT4, and AT3/4 bus routes will now stop in the renovated Metro Station Bus Loop

Alexandria, VA – The City of Alexandria, DASH, and WMATA will evaluate the feasibility of long-term improvements to the bus stops on Braddock Road. Stops on Braddock Road will also remain to accommodate passengers not using the Metro Station. Buses will stop in the following locations:
Bus Bay A:
  • Metrobus 10A to Pentagon
  • Metrobus 10B to Ballston
  • DASH AT3 to Pentagon
  • DASH AT4 to Pentagon
  • DASH AT3/4 to Parkfairfax
Bus Bay D:
  • Metrobus 10A to Huntington
  • Metrobus 10B to Hunting Point
  • DASH AT3 to Hunting Point
  • DASH AT4 to Old Town-City Hall
  • DASH AT3/4 to Old Town-City Hall
During the Platform Improvement Project, WMATA, DASH and the City found that many passengers saved time when  buses did not enter the bus loop by having stops directly on Braddock Road. However, there are concerns about passenger amenities at these locations.
The City, DASH, and WMATA have decided that buses will stop in the loop in addition to the maintaining the stops on Braddock Road, and will revisit the permanent location of these stop in Spring 2020. This decision will be based on public feedback and technical considerations.
As part of this effort, the City has developed a short passenger feedback form. Please let us know how you value different amenities at the station and how the location of the stops affects your commute.

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