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Did You Know: Compass Realty Opened its 2nd Location in Old Town!

You can’t miss it! The new office is at 1006 King Street - right next to Dry Bar.

Joe Haggerty, president and CEO of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, cuts the ribbon at the new Compass Realty office at 1006 King Street in Old Town. (Courtesy photo)

Alexandria, VA – After a year-and-a-half in Alexandria, Compass Realty finally has a home. Another one. The real estate company started out at the ALX Community co-working space at 106 N. Lee Street last June, and it was only supposed to be a temporary location for agents to sell. Now, though, that original quest for the perfect location in Old Town has officially come to an end, as Compass cut the ribbon at their new office at 1006 King Street… And the company also decided to keep it’s location on Lee Street.

“Right now we have 24 producing agents between the two offices, and we are already number three in the market,” said Nidhal Charfi, director of sales and strategic growth for Compass. “I think if we were to double that number of agents, we would achieved market leadership quite quickly.”

Compass Realty office at 1006 King Street. (courtesy photo)

That’s the goal for Compass, by the way. The company now has more than 12,000 agents working around the country, making it the largest independent realtor in the country.

“Alexandra is very close knit community with a lot of premier real estate agents, and so our goal is to find the most collaborative, the top producing, the most well-liked individuals and bring them to our company and our platform and grow from there,” Charfi said. “Everything else is built around the agent. We don’t have a set goal, or market volume. We want to be number one in the market, but that’s a result of having the best agents that serve the best clients in Alexandria.”

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(Left to right) Joe Haggerty, Sue Goodhart, and Alexandria Vice Mayor Elizabeth Bennett-Parker. (Courtesy Photo) 

The building at 1006 King was previously home to European Country Living, which has been empty for years. Compass shares the space with Dry Bar, and between the two offices has about 5,000 square feet of prime office space in Old Town. The company has more than 5,000 properties listed in the city of Alexandria and in the Alexandria portion of Fairfax County.

“What’s most exciting about this is that it’s an expansion of an existing business,” said Joe Haggerty, president and CEO of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, who ended up cutting the actual ribbon. “It also shows the future of real estate. This organization has a lot of potential both on the commercial side and on the residential side.”

Adnan Hamidi, owner of Alexandria Cupcake at 1022 King Street, visits his new neighbors. (Courtesy photo)

The Goodhart Group is working under the umbrella of Compass Realty and will use both offices.

“First of all, it’s an older, beautiful building that’s been renovated. It’s just a gorgeous building and we’re sharing it with Dry Bar, which is very exciting for those of us who like to enjoy their services,” said Goodhart Group CEO Sue Goodhart. “We’ve been in Old Town for a little more than a year, and in that time we’ve already become the number three realtor in the city in terms of market share. That was without even a permanent space, and now that we have two spaces to work out of it’s a very exciting time.”

Agent Allison Goodhart said that Compass agents across the region will also be able to use the offices.

“A DC Compass agent or an Arlington or McLean agent can still pop in and use that flexible space as well,” she said. “We’re right at the intersection of King Street and Route 1, so sort of the core heart of Alexandria, which is great. Our other location is also at a great spot at the waterfront, so we’re really excited and feel that we can really serve everybody.”

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