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What can You do about Plastic Bags and Recycling?

You can start by simply reducing your use of single use plastic bags when you shop for groceries.

Alexandria, VA – The market for single use plastics is disappearing. They are being incinerated as waste to energy, a process that contributes to climate change. There is no viable reuse for single-use plastic bags. While other stores may still collect plastic bags – it is disingenuous to think they will be recycled going forward.
MOMs will not accept plastic bags for recycling starting in 2020.

The best answer is simply to reduce the use of these plastics. Did you know that an estimated 3 BILLION plastic bags are used in Virginia each year? Legislation has been introduced in the Virginia General Assembly in 2020 to place a 5-cent fee on plastic bags, including one bill sponsored by Senator Adam Ebbin.  1Planet (a local climate advocacy organization that hosted a “recycle right” forum last February) is sponsoring a petition to show support for this measure.

What can you do?  Lend your support by signing the petition. Get and use reusable fabric  or mesh bags for shopping. Reuse paper grocery bags. Be part of the solution.

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