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Z-TV Makes Debut at Alexandria Chamber of Commerce Chairman’s Reception

Alexandria Chamber of Commerce’s past President Charlotte Hall speaks with Z-TV’s Buzzworthy Creative Director and Host, Allison Priebe. (PHOTO: Z-TV)

ALEXANDRIA, VA -The community newspaper popular for spreading only good news via its monthly print publication, website and social media posts, The Zebra Press in Alexandria, Virginia is breaking into the “Digital Decade” with the debut of its new video network called Z-TV.

“We know video is hot, and our readers and advertisers have been asking us for it,” says Zebra Publisher Mary Wadland. “Our roots run deep for spreading good news only, so our mission with this division is to stay true to who we are as a company while sharing more with the community using all the technology at our disposal.”

For example, Z-TV plans to regularly showcase businesses, events, chef demonstrations, DIY segments and more in its “Buzzworthy” segments hosted by Allison Priebe. Priebe has a background in broadcast journalism, and is also an ALX Chamber “40 Under 40” honoree and owner of Queen Bee Designs at 725 South Washington Street, in Old Town Alexandria.

What’s on the Agenda

Other formats in the Z-TV lineup include “Conversations with Allison”, a video series featuring Alexandria’s former Mayor Allison Silberberg,  a video podcast called “The Proximity Effect” hosted by Paul Friedman, live streaming of major events around town, and ‘man on the street’ news stories hosted by guest reporters.

The Honorable Allison Silberberg sits down with Alexandria Living Legend, Lillian Stanton Patterson, in the Watson Reading Room of the Alexandria Black History Museum for the first episode of “Conversations with Allison” airing in February 2020. (PHOTO: Z-TV)

On January 30, Z-TV made its official public debut when it turned on the camera and started rolling at the The Alexandria Chamber of Commerce‘s Chairman’s Reception, presented by United State Senate Federal Credit Union, Honoring 2020 Chair Dave Millard.

With a spiffy new microphone and talented cameraman/producer Mark Ashley at her side, Allison Priebe, Buzzworthy’s creative director and host, roamed the room getting the scoop at the National Industries for the Blind, where the ALX Chamber’s glittering “Soaring 20’s” themed party was held.

Alexandra Chamber of Commerce CEO Joe Haggerty with Z-TV’s Allison Priebe and Mark Ashley. (PHOTO: Lucelle O’Flaherty/The Zebra Press)

Over 200 business leaders joined political and other civic notables to officially pass the baton between past Chamber President Charlotte Hall and new President Dave Milliard.

Asked if she had any advice to pass on to Milliard, Hall jokingly replied, “Well, he needs to start drinking iced coffee in the morning and eating bananas and peanut butter to rev up his engines and get his day started.” Acknowledging Milliard will have a “good time and meets lots of new friends” she also playfully cautioned challenges ahead including dealing with herself as his predecessor, and the new metro construction at Potomac Yard.

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