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Elvis and Del Ray Friends Celebrate Arthur Sixsmith!

Community members of the Del Ray neighborhood came together on Feb. 17 to celebrate Arthur’s 75th birthday at the Salvation Army Church.

Alexandria, VA – Out of all smiling faces watching as Elvis worked the crowd, no one was beaming as brightly as birthday boy Arthur Sixsmith III. Community members of Del Ray came together on Feb. 17 to celebrate Arthur’s 75th birthday at the Salvation Army Church.

“He’s the essence of Del Ray,” stated Deborah Lockett who has known Arthur for over 25 years. “Everybody knows him up and down the avenue. He knows everyone in the neighborhood.”

Deborah Lockett and Arthur Sixsmith

Arthur became a well-known and treasured member of the Del Ray community during his time living in a group home on Randolph Avenue many years ago. The Locketts, who helped organize the birthday party, became friends with Arthur over the years. Their children would be playing in the yard and Arthur would stop by to play with him in the yard and over time, this grew into a wonderful friendship that feels familial.

As more people of all ages walked into the church to celebrate, the feeling of family was strong. Many brought Elvis themed gifts, one of Arthur’s favorite musicians. Pizza and cake was shared amongst the party goers, as the Elvis performer sang hits such as “I’m All Shook Up” and Arthur’s favorite, “Polk Salad Annie”.

Arthur’s Birthday Cake

“I’ve seen Arthur for years and years at the Farmer’s Market,” stated friend Cindy Albert. “He has a willingness to say hello to people and chat. That’s one of the advantages to Del Ray. People say hello and stop to talk to you.”

Would you like to be a part of Arthur’s extended family? Don’t hesitate to say hello and chat with him as he walks around Del Ray! If you live in the area, extend a warm welcome and invite him for a cup of coffee or to watch sports. You’ll find it to be quite rewarding and you’ll have a new friend!

Happy Birthday from all of us at the Zebra, Arthur!

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