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Jimmy Fallon Launches ‘Cowbell Challenge’ to Honor First Responders

Got a cowbell? Got a big pot or pan? How about a big spoon? Join the challenge to celebrate first responders to COVID-19 and each other!

Inspired by the Italians singing and applauding from their balconies, “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon  is launching the “Cowbell Challenge.” Get out a cow bell or any bell, or bang on a pot or pan to beat on. Join together with neighbors all over the US by opening windows and door to make noise to support first responders and each other.

Fallon, 45, said he wants everyone to take part on Friday, March 20, at 3 p.m. ET (noon PT): “I want everyone to get out your cowbell, get out a pot and pan. 3pm – open your window or door – if you have a balcony, good for you!

“Make some noise and tell this virus to get away from us, we don’t want you. Let’s make some noise. Cowbell challenge this Friday 3 pm!”

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