Our own Papa’s Orchard…Delivering to Your House!

Foodies and proponents of health, local, and farmers' markets, You can now get fresh, organic produce and fruit delivered to your door!

Portions of this article are copyright Bryce W. Drennan

Alexandria, VA – With the closing the farmers’ markets, you can avoid your supermarket with the help of David Argento of Papa’s Orchard in Ortanna, PA. Strange times need not deprive you of the pinnacle of excellence in produce. You may know David of Papa’s Orchard from West End, Old Town, and Four-Mile Run Farmers Markets.

He is now delivering to homes with $40 minimum order and as little as community aggregate $1k (maybe even less) to trigger a daily run from PA. David has his own orchard items, and access to premium quality produce that you don’t see in stores. His veggies are grown by USDA-Certified Organic Amish farmers. Contact David with orders and questions at Argento@centurylink.net.

Rainbow carrots. (Pixabay)

Put together a large order with your neighbors. He can bring everything you need to fill your fridge and tummies.  He will use the 4 Mile Run Market space at 4109 Mt. Vernon Ave. to deliver pre-ordered products. Other delivery locations can be arranged.

Email David with your orders at: Argento@centurylink.net 

Prices in dollars – FYI, he takes credit cards but cash is always preferred. 


  • Apples: specify quantity you want; 5 for seven 10 for 10 basic price
  • Ever crisp Honey Crisp Kiku Fuji Golden delicious Gold rush Pink lady Mutsu Pears: 4 for 5 or 5 for six
  • Danjou Bosc Asian pears 2 for 5
  • Citrus Blood orange 4 for 5
  • Cara cara 4 for 5
  • Medium navel 1 each Large navel 3 for 5
  • Minneolas 5 for 5
  • Grapefruit 3 for 5
  • Meyer lemon 1 each
  • Regular lemon 2 for dollar
  • Limes 2 for dollar
  • Pomelo fruit large 3 each
  • Israeli orri mandarins 4 for 5 (fantastic)
  • Florida strawberry 7 quart
  • Florida blueberry 4 pint
  • Baby grapes 4 box

Veggies and Greens

  • Swiss chard 3 bunch
  • Kale 3 bunch
  • Bag mixed lettuce 5
  • Bag spinach 5
  • Scallions 3 bunch
  • Broccoli crowns 5 box
  • Beets 5 box organic
  • Organic carrots 5 box
  • Organic parsnips 5 box
  • Large yellow onions 3 each
  • Sweet potatoes organic 2.50 pound
  • Eva white potato  5 box
  • Red organic potato 5 box
  • Organic red cabbage 4 head
  • Butternut squash 4
  • Spaghetti squash 4
  • Avocado 3
  • Sweet small pepper 5 pint

Other Wonderful Stuff:

  • Jarred apple sauce no sugar added 5
  • Jarred applesauce with spice 5
  • Fresh apple pear sauce 5 small 8 large
  • Citrus salad 6
  • Pear sauce fresh 7
  • Canned peaches 6
  • Apple butter spice 6
  • Apple butter no sugar 6



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