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A Young Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur Makes Masks, and Makes a Difference 

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – A 12-year-old fashionista from Northern Virginia is doing her part to spread positivity and good health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Skylar Johnson has been using her time during these frustrating days to sew handmade fabric masks and has been donating them to local hospitals.

“It makes me feel good just to help people out and to help people in need,” Skylar told NBC 4 Washington in an interview.

Another goal of Skylar’s is to encourage others to make masks as well, so she makes tutorials.  You can find her tutorials on her Facebook page (“Sew Fly Sky”).

She also sells masks on her website, sewflysky.com, and people can buy them for $7 and have them shipped.  The masks come in a variety of fun colors and fabrics.

According to Skylar’s instagram, just one week ago, Skylar put 365 masks in the mail to be delivered.

Skylar sports her own face mask as she carries a bag of facemasks to the post office to be delivered to customers. Courtesy Photo
Skylar sports her own face mask as she carries a bag of face masks to the post office to be delivered to customers. Courtesy Photo

She has also made quite the brand for herself even prior to making the face masks.  Skylar is a young entrepreneur and fashion designer,  and her website describes her business, “Sew Fly Sky,” as, “modest, fashion-forward clothing that celebrates and encourages uniqueness for all figures.”

Skylar has recently been a guest on many different national television platforms, including the Kelly Clarkson Show.

She sketches, designs, and sews all of her own fashion designs, and she has even been hired to make clothes for public figures such as Phyllis Randall, the Chairwoman of Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

A short term goal of Skylar’s is to start her own fashion line and to partner with a clothing manufacturer to sell her designs across the world.  According to her website, She credits not rushing to take off before she was ready as a reason she has been able to be successful.

Tune into “Z-TV Live!” on The Zebra Press Facebook page tonight at 7 p.m. when Zebra’s reporter Catherine Scott will be talking with Skylar about her business, how she got the idea, and what her plans are for the future.  Tune in!

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