Volunteer Alexandria – COVID-19 Care for Community

The core mission at Volunteer Alexandria cannot stop. The need for community support is greater than ever and volunteers matter more than ever.

By Marion Brunken, Executive Director, Volunteer Alexandria

Alexandria, VA – Dear Community Members,

I hope you are keeping well. I am writing to you as our community adapts to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and want to update you on what we’re doing at Volunteer Alexandria to help our community through this.

Our core mission at Volunteer Alexandria does not and cannot stop. The need for community support is greater than ever and our volunteers matter more than ever.

We created COVID-19 Care for Community to faster mobilize and deploy people to services. We are on the front lines and are mobilizing people to volunteer. Volunteers have distributed and delivered meals to families every day since March 16. We need your help to continue to provide these services. Please become an EMERGENCY RESPONSE DONOR and donate if you can spare a few dollars at https://volunteer-alexandria.square.site/ or mail a check to the address below. Every dollar will help!

Since March, we have been moving our volunteer force to action through a series of online volunteer opportunities and small-team projects. This allowed us to continue to help those in greatest need while ensuring that our volunteer and broader community remains as healthy as possible.

As you know, our schools, seniors, care providers, families, and businesses large and small are all affected. Unfortunately, we have canceled the April 23rd Volunteer Alexandria Business Philanthropy Summit, and we are postponing our near-term plans for large gatherings and smaller community events.

This situation arose quickly and we needed to react just as quickly. I hope you will join me in keeping the  alive. Please support our neighbors and community and make a donation to support Volunteer Alexandria’s efforts at this challenging time.

Thank you for your support and stay well.

All the best,

Marion Brunken

Executive Director

Volunteer Alexandria

123 N Alfred St., Alexandria, VA 22314

Office: 703-836-2176

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