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Eric Scott, 15-time Wammie Winner and D.C. Musician, to be on Z-TV Live!

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Washington D.C. artist and 15-time Wammie winner, Eric Scott, will join the Zebra’s Steve Houk Monday evening for an interview on Z-TV Live.

“Eric and I first met I believe when we both sang at the Bandhouse Gigs’ Elvis Costello tribute at The Barns of Wolf Trap a couple years back, and then I interviewed him for my website at a year or so ago. We became friendly, and we also have a lot of mutual musician friends,” says Houk.  “As you know, he is also a consummate musician and supremely talented guy who is nonetheless also feeling the effects of this crisis, so I thought he’d love to come on and talk and play and be seen.”

Covid and the Music Scene

Scott has joined other musicians in playing over livestreams to share his music while he cannot play at venues.  

“By realizing that I can’t be frightened of uncertainty,” Scott said when asked how he is coping through the pandemic.  “I’ve leaned a lot on my friends, visualized a brighter future of possibilities when all this is done, and done a lot of praying.”

Scott has toured the country sharing his love for music. He has shared the stage with artists such as B.B. King, Mavis Staples, Aaron Neville, Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, and many more.  He has written and produced four solo albums, and he has recently released an EP as well as another full-length CD album.

His musical upbringing and life journey has been nothing less than unique.  It has been a story of finding himself and his voice in music as well as branching out and taking chances.  

According to his website, Scott grew up in a bi-racial and single-parent household with a mother who was working three jobs in order to support her three children.  

“We moved a lot, so I was always the new kid.  People were always asking me what color I was. Am I black . . . am I white?  It was almost as if I was being forced to choose,” Scott says on his website. “I wanted answers, but most of the time I just made up my own.”

Scott also credits his love and knowledge of music to one of the only constants in his life, his mother’s diverse music collection.  It included all types of music including soul, jazz, Motown, pop, rock, heavy metal, and singer songwriters.

On His Leap of Faith into Full Time Music

In 1994, Scott took a gamble and decided to become a full-time musician, and it is now his 25th year of being a professional musician.  

He started off his career with playing a couple midweek gigs, and he continued to play on the weekends.  He did that for several years, and in 1995 he started playing and touring the world with Deanna Bogart. He also started writing more of his own music and was starting to become more of an original musician.

Scott released his first album “Divine Static” in 1999, and has since then released 3 more albums: “Let’s Hear it for the Fools” in 2002, “Red” in 2007, and “Where the Water Runs Deepest” in 2012.  

After a seven year hiatus of writing and producing music, Scott continues to evolve and create new music.  He has released both his new full-length album “Peace Bomb” and his EP “The Charm City Sessions,” which are both on his Itzalle Good Music label. 

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“I didn’t think it would take quite that long,” Scott told Steve Houk in a previous interview. “The last record that I did was really more of a purging kind of record for me. It was more acoustic and I really went pretty deep subject matter wise and dealt with some things that I had not dealt with in song before. I just think it took awhile for that to just flush itself out of my system before I was able to write happy songs again.”

Scott describes his new music as a soul-pop record that leans old-school and shows his love for ‘60s and ‘70s soul with his own modern twists.  

Where to See Eric Scott

Although he will not be playing in any live venues for the foreseeable future, People can continue to support his music and career by visiting his website, or by catching some of his live music sessions which are streamed on Facebook.

For example, he will be playing songs from his previous CDs, as well as some sneak peeks into his latest album “Peace Bomb” Sunday evening, April 19, 2020 at 7 p.m. live on his Facebook page, Eric Scott Music

Eric Scott will be the second musician to be featured on Houk’s new Z-TV’s “Living on Music” series.  Houk started this segment as he is a musician himself.

“Well I am a musician as well as a music writer, so I love talking to musicians in any climate,” says Houk.  “But right now, I feel so deeply about what a lot of my fellow musicians and friends are going through, they are hurting, so any exposure is golden for them right now so they can keep their name out there. And if they are also friends of mine it’s a bonus.”

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