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Ted’s Montana Grill is Back! Get your Bison On Now!

Ted's locations include the Hoffman area, 2451 Eisenhower Ave.Alexandria and Crystal City 2200 Crystal Drive, Suite A, Arlington,

Alexandria, VA – Ted’s Montana Grill is excited to serve Authentic American Dining to their local communities with curbside pickup beginning 4/28/2020. While they will not be dining together with their guests right now, they are now offering made-from-scratch food

Ted’s menu includes beef, bison, poultry, seafood, and many other vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free items. They even cook their veggie burgers in a separate skillet.

To place an order, please visit Teds online order, click on your location, and select your desired location. Select the time for pickup, order your items, pay online, and call the restaurant when you arrive, and they will bring your meal directly to your car. They are also offering select bottles of wine and beer to-go.

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