Cold, Allergies, or Coronavirus? How to Tell the Difference

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Alexandria, VA – In its nightly email, the city continues to urge residents to stay at home, unless going out is essential. And when out, they stress the importance of maintaining six feet of distance around others.

Similar Symptoms, Different Diagnoses

The coronavirus shares some of the same symptoms that manifest with a cold or flu. These include headache, cough, and specifically with the flu, a fever.

Seasonal allergies also affect people this time of year and have similar symptoms as well: headache, cough, and runny nose

For people uncertain of their ailment, the Virginia Department of Health has developed a graphic comparing symptoms of allergies, a cold, strep throat, flu, and COVID-19. Find it HERE.

Please be aware that if you feel you have coronavirus symptoms, you should call your doctor immediately. Ask if you should come in to be tested. You can also call one of these healthcare facilities that provide  screening and testing (Spanish | Amharic | Arabic ). If you have chest pain or trouble breathing, call or text 911 immediately.

City Council Approves Business Assistance Programs

At its May 12 meeting, the Alexandria City Council unanimously approved three programs to provide support to vulnerable residents and small businesses affected by the pandemic. These rent relief, food support, and small business programs will be funded by the $13.9 million allocated to the city through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

$4 million is allotted for the Residential Rental Assistance Program, which will target eligible renters who have suffered income loss as a result of the pandemic.

$2.4 million will be used for the Food Security Plan. The plan will support large-scale food distributions, home delivery for seniors, and augment ongoing food programs.

$2.4 million more will aid the Small Business Grants Program, which will provide eligible businesses with grants to offset costs and investments related to reopening.

Applications for assistance are not being accepted at this time. Additional information will be announced when it becomes available.

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