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Living in Alexandria, Shopping nationwide, Saving all the time

By Keith Mazivisa
Residents of Alexandria know they have easy access to some of the best boutique shops in the state. You can spend hours strolling down King Street, weaving between stores trying to find a unique gift or a bargain.

But there are other local and national stores just a few clicks away – ready to offer you a deal.

Browse Our Latest Z Coupons

Here at Zebra, we dedicate a page for our readers to take advantage of local deals and offers. You can find our Z-Coupons page filled with coupons that give you a percentage off orders at our local cafes, eateries and other Alexandria retailers. This page gets updated frequently so it is best to come back and see what is on offer every week or two. Don’t miss out on offers right on your doorstep!

If you are an Alexandria business and want to promote your offer, make a Z-Coupon with us by clicking on our order form.

Save Money at Our Local Walmart

Lots of locals jump on Richmond Highway and flock to Walmart for electrical goods, clothing and many other types of products. But before you jump in the car or order online, you can find the best Walmart deals using Yo! Free Samples.

Yo! Free Samples is a website that offers users the chance to get free samples of their favourite beauty products and foods. They also have other free giveaways and run a blog that helps families save money. But one of the most valuable tools is their Walmart page that helps you search for Walmart deals online. You can use this to find what is currently on offer before you head off!

Discover Offers at Local Shopping Centers (after COVID-19)

We Alexandria residents are blessed to have multiple shopping centers a short distance from each other. We can easily get to the Farlington Centre or Alexandria Commons. These centers are filled with national and global brands. It is predicted that they will be offering even better deals than before after reopening from the COVID-19 lockdown.

Expect appealing offers and more savings with international retailers by visiting these centers in the near future!

The Best Ways to Save Money Shopping

Every family may be trying to save a little more since the pandemic, and it is possible to save and continue shopping at your favourite stores. Here are our top tips to help you hold onto your hard-earned dollars:

  1. Check for codes online – now there are websites and apps dedicated to finding codes so you can save a little extra when shopping online. These sites scan the internet to find codes that are valid. Expect 30% off, free delivery or extra gifts when you order online!
  2. Sign up to newsletters – sometimes newsletters include exclusive offers that nobody else hears about (even those apps and sites mentioned above). You will be able to grab a bargain just by signing up to these newsletters straight to your inbox.
  3. Connect on social media – Social media has become a marketing vehicle for businesses – and they now use it to promote offers and discounts. Make sure you are liking and following your favourite brands, so you don’t miss out!
  4. Give products a second life – You don’t always have to buy the best labels from the best stores. Look online for second-hand clothes and products to save money and help the environment at the same time.

So, whether you want to find Walmart deals today, grab a cheaper bite to eat with the family or save in another way – you have lots of options here in picturesque Alexandria.



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