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On July 1, DASH to Introduce New Bus Tracker App

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ALEXANDRIA, VA – If you use the DASH bus system to get around town or go to work, your commute is about to get easier. Tomorrow, July 1, DASH will introduce a new bus tracker. That way you can always know your ride’s location.

DASH listened to feedback from customers to make the app. It will be in beta mode for some time so that further changes can be made, if necessary. The full DASH Tracker will arrive at a later date.

The new DASH Tracker will not immediately replace the tracker many riders use currently. The company wants to make sure that everything works with the new app before relying on it completely.

DASH Tracker will give customers many features. Riders will be able to see nearby routes and stops based on their location. There is an improved search feature where riders can start to type a location and find a close route. Perhaps most exciting is that DASH Tracker will be able to show users how far away a bus is from them – in minutes and miles. That means no more estimated arrival times!

To find DASH Tracker, simply go to Apple’s App Store or GoogePlay. Have a safe ride.

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