Open Letter from an Alexandria Restaurant Owner

C.J. Cross, managing partner and self-proclaimed resident beer geek at Hops N Shine in Del Ray posted a ‘letter’ and it's worth a read.

[Editor’s Note: ] C.J. Cross, managing partner and self-proclaimed resident beer geek at Hops N Shine in Del Ray posted a ‘letter’ on Facebook that resonated with us, so with his permission we are sharing it here along with some more tips he has for diners and restaurant industry folks.

Alexandria, VA – “These fake mask exemption cards are just that, fake. For my fellow restaurant owners and employees, and anyone working right now. If someone shows you this card or tells you they have a medical condition and that you must serve them due to the ADA here’s the deal. You are only obligated to sell them food, not to permit them to enter your premises. If you’ve got a decent supply of surgical masks, offer them one. These things are a dollar or two and could be the difference between a new customer and a bad yelp review.

Be nice, be kind, be patient, but let them know that you can serve them the food curbside, to their car, or to the front door, or they can wear one of your masks to enter. Offer them a menu and a plastic cup of water outside of the restaurant while they decide their order. The (expletive deleted) will huff and puff and walk away, and the true patrons will thank you and place their order. This is for their safety as much as it is for yours, your fellow staff, and your patrons.

To anyone who feels it’s their right to put others at risk for a burger because of slight discomfort, please move as far away from me and my family as possible. I’ve been wearing these masks for 8-12 hours a day since the day after St Patrick’s Day while running my restaurant, and my team and I are trying hard to stay safe and keep our customers safe as well.”

C.J. also offers these tips to restaurant patrons:

• Servers at restaurants have come to notice and appreciate that diners who are ready to order put their masks on as a sign they’re ready to speak with a staff member.

• It is a good idea to take a look at a restaurant’s social media and website for any specific guidelines they have during COVID19 as well as any menu changes.

• Many restaurants have placed hand-sanitizing stations at the entrances as well as near the restrooms for your convenience, please use them both before and after using a door or touching a handrail if possible.

• Dog and child friendly patios like ours and others welcome all your two and four-legged family members, but please be considerate of other guests and keep them within your table area.

· Tip generously if you are able. The staffs around town are working harder than ever.

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