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Hurricane Season Is Here: Alexandria Offers Tips for Preparation

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ALEXANDRIA, VA – The peak of hurricane season lasts from mid August to October. Alexandria has seen many rainy days this month, causing flooding in historic Old Town.

Today the city advised residents to prepare for hurricane season through November. And they know the  pandemic makes doing so a challenge. Officials though stress it is important to be ready. Their recommendations follow.

Preparing for a Hurricane

Homeowners should be aware of their flood risk and purchase appropriate insurance. All families should have an emergency plan. This can help members agree on a meeting place if separated, decide how to care for pets, and secure your home.

A communications plan can help gather information about family members if separated. This includes phone numbers and other contact info.

It is also crucial to make an emergency preparedness kit. This is where medication, non-perishable food, pet supplies and more can be stored if leaving your home quickly is necessary.

Tropical Storm or Hurricane Watch/Warning: The Difference

A watch means that storm or hurricane conditions are possible within 36 hours. A warning means that these conditions are possible within 24 hours. For either, residents should:

  • Pay attention to TV and radio reports
  • Finalize evacuation plan
  • Check emergency kits
  • Prepare vehicles, i.e, gas and service
  • Make preparations to secure your property, click HERE for more.

If a Warning Is Declared

  • Pay attention to TV and radio reports for instructions (Bulletins also available from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
  • Follow instructions from local officials. Leave right away if told to do so
  • Set your refrigerator to its coldest temperature and open only when necessary
  • Store perishables in the freezer
  • Fill bathtubs and containers with water for sanitary purposes
  • If winds are strong, go to an interior part of your house with no windows like the hallway or bathroom
  • Close all interior doors and brace exterior doors

Click HERE for more information about hurricane preparation. Stay informed and safe.

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