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One Man’s Rollercoaster Ride to Redemption

In his first work, Today’s HorroRscope, McCusker transitions from the verbal to prose in an outlandish satirical comedy.

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Review: Today’s HorroRscope

Publisher: Self Published

Author: Stuart McCusker

Zebra Rating – 5 Stripes

Alexandria, VA – Whether you are a friend of Stuart or have recently met him, you will immediately be drawn into a captivating chat. Stuart possesses down-to-earth storytelling skills and a unique sense of humor. In his first work, Today’s HorroRscope, McCusker transitions from the verbal to prose in an outlandish satirical comedy.

The main character, Billy, is a snarky quipster who takes pleasure in making acerbic comments. And does this without any sense of remorse or regard for the feelings of others.

The story starts out innocently enough. Billy and friends are out for an evening of Rolling Stones music and dancing. Things start to turn when the subject of predicting the future comes up and the group decides to have their palms read.

This is where Billy makes the critical mistake of insulting the wrong person, an elderly gypsy fortune teller. He essentially calls her a fake. Grandma Pearl exacts her revenge by casting a spell on him, which throws Billy’s life into complete havoc for the next week.

The trials to come are revealed through Billy’s daily horoscope, including : His 80-pound dog Rusty (named for Rusty Staub, the author is a huge Mets fan) storming chaotically through the neighborhood, wrecking gardens and other things; runaway Thanksgiving-type floats near Liberty Island in New York; and an employment-threatening fire.

When I asked Stuart how much of him was reflected in the main character, he responded with a sheepish grin. “A little. Nothing is this book is true. Except the dog’s name. But I did have a car that caught fire.”

This refers to the day Billy’s car nearly explodes after a feverish attempt to outrun the flames. Billy friends remain supportive throughout the cursed week, but emotions are stretched thin, even with his wingman.

“The moral of the story is redemption. It is a story of changing one’s ways.” McCusker told me. “Billy’s disrespect caught up with him, big time. But in the end, he made a sincere apology. Just in time.”

Stuart McCusker is a native New Yorker who currently resides in Sterling, Virginia. He is a seasoned telecommunications professional with two adult children whom he enjoys watching as they start their families.

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Today’s HorroRscope is a fun read, a rollicking psychic comedy that unfolds when a skeptic insults a psychic and unleashes cosmic hell. Enjoy the harrowing journey with Billy as he goes from one debacle to another. Readers will smile at every twist and turn. Zebra Rating: 5 stripes.

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