CDC Issues New Guidance for Pet Owners During Pandemic

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ALEXANDRIA, VA – Recently the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released updated information concerning pets and COVID-19. While the occurrence of coronavirus in pets is low, according to documentation, there have been a few cases where pets have contracted the virus after interacting with infected people.

As a result, the CDC recommends preventing pets from interacting with anyone who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms and people outside of their household.

Cats should not roam freely outdoors and dogs should remain at least six feet from people.

Do not attempt to put a mask on a pet. There is no evidence of contracting the coronavirus from fur, hair or skin, so do not wipe or bathe your animal with any type of disinfecting product.

There is no evidence of pets playing a significant role in the transmission of COVID-19 in this country. Still, the CDC recommends practicing good hygiene around pets by frequently washing hands – especially after handling their food, supplies or waste.

People are advised to talk to a veterinarian if a pet becomes ill.

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