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Candlelight Vigil for Ruth Bader Ginsburg a Solemn Appreciation for an Exemplary Life

Alexandria, VA – Alexandrians paid their respects to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Market Square Thursday evening, in a candlelight vigil organized by Kelly Grant of ALX Community, Gina White of The Mindful Junkie, Beth Lawton of Alexandria Living Magazine, and Alexandria City Councilwoman Amy Jackson.

The crowd gathered to pay respects to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. (All photos by Susan Fleischman)

Battery votives were free to attendees, who filled Market Square. Kelly Grant led things off with a special tribute to Ginsburg, reminding everyone that “we all have a little bit of Ruth in us.”

Alexandria City Councilwoman Amy Jackson helped organize the candlelight vigil for RBG.
Former Mayor Allison Silberberg with Ella Jackson (Amy’s daughter), both big fans of RBG, there to pay their respects and admiration.

Gina White led some breathing exercises in mindfulness before calling for a moment of silence to honor RBG.

Young and old, male and female, all fans of RBG’s hard work to bring about equality in the eyes of the law.

Councilwoman Amy Jackson, Commonwealth’s Attorney Bryan Porter and Virginia Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy spoke eloquently about the impact of Ginsburg both personally and professionally.

Z-TV LIVE! host Virginia Amos and her husband, Michael Bergin, were in attendance at the RBG vigil.
Event organizers Kelly Grant and Gina White add their applause during one of the speeches.

The crowd then processed in silence down King Street to Waterfront Park, where Corey Tisdale, Mayor Justin Wilson and Colleen Haddow Gehrig addressed the crowd, citing Ginsburg’s legacy.

Clockwise from left: Kelly Grant, Beth Lawton, Mayor Justin Wilson, Corey Tisdale, Bryan Porter, Amy Jackson, Colleen Haddow Gehrig and Gina White — speakers and organizers of the Candlelight Vigil for RBG.

It’s amazing how one diminutive woman, albeit a force of nature, could affect so many, and so deeply. Wrapping up, one member of the audience stood up to speak, emboldened by her father’s advice to not cry over the death of RBG, but to “pick up the torch and go!”

If you couldn’t get to the vigil, visit the Zebra’s Facebook page for some videos that were livestreamed from the event.

Candles and masks were the accompaniment du jour, and this mask was one of the best.


Sisters Molly and Michelle Mitchell on hand, in Ruth garb, to pay their respects to the late, great RBG.
Lynn and Skip on hand for their love of Ruth. Between the Zebra coat and the Ruth and Fauci masks, it’s tough to discern which element won the outfit of the night. But they definitely won it.
Lynn and Linda on hand to honor RBG, and they both want you to be sure to vote. Because Voting Matters.


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