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BREAKING NEWS: DASH Adding Six Electric Buses to Fleet

An electric bus parked in Old Town. DASH will ride into the future with similar buses. (Courtesy photo)

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Public transit in Alexandria will be greener this year. DASH is adding six electric buses to its fleet. Three vehicles are undergoing road testing before they are unveiled publicly. The remaining buses are expected to arrive in January 2021.

The buses are manufactured by New Flyer of America and Proterra.  They are 40 feet in length and rely completely on battery power rather than gasoline.

“In addition to a quieter and more comfortable ride for passengers, ultimately the whole community is going to benefit,” said DASH Assistant General Manager Raymond Mui, “by not only having reliable and safe public transit but also having cleaner air due to decreased emissions.”

Like other zero-emissions vehicles, these buses will not produce any tailpipe emissions because they do not burn fuel. Their estimated range is 175-plus miles between charges.

DASH remains committed to helping build a cleaner, greener and more sustainable Alexandria. As a public transit agency, they assist in these efforts by reducing single-occupancy trips. In addition, DASH is committed to supporting the Eco-City Alexandria initiatives, including the Environmental Action Plan 2040, which focuses on climate change mitigation and adaptation through a number of policies. These polices implement electric vehicle use.

Of the new vehicle fleet, DASH CEO/General Manager Josh Baker said, ““This is a critical step toward creating a cleaner and more sustainable community and we look forward to doing our part to effect that change here in Alexandria.”

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