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Lebanese Taverna Caters to the New Normal

Alexandria, VA – Lebanese Taverna has hit the road with a new business niche for its catering division, which had been shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The catering truck sat idle for a few months until the new Neighborhood Deliveries began for Lebanese Taverna. (Courtesy photo)

After the initial closure in March, the catering division lagged behind as the restaurants slowly opened up as allowed here in Virginia. No events, no meetings, no large gatherings left the catering division running on empty.

Grace Abi-Najm, one of the company’s owners, had an idea. Why not cater to their neighbors, so to speak? They promoted a limited menu, advertised locally and received several orders. They began to branch out to neighborhoods in a wider range, all with great success.

Dany Abi-Najm and Patricia Zapodeanu at a delivery stop at Carl Sandburg Middle School. (photo by Susan Fleischman)

Coming up with creative solutions is essential to surviving in today’s economic environment, and Lebanese Taverna seems to have filled a missing niche. Neighbors place their orders when the schedule comes out, and pickups are at a neighborhood location nearby, such as a school or a church.

“We have been so pleased with the response!” said event sales manager Patricia Zapodeanu. “The Neighborhood Deliveries have really taken off, and our customers have given us great feedback on how much they appreciate the ease and convenience of this new service.”

The Chicken Shawarma meal feeds a family four, and them some. (photo by Susan Fleischman)
The sides that come with the meals are standouts in their own right, from the silky smooth hummus to the whipped garlic, lemon and oil sauce. (photo by Susan Fleischman)

Are they coming to your neighborhood soon? They could be! If you gather a few neighbors together for orders, they just may be able to make it happen. Visit for more information, and look under the Neighborhood Deliveries tab.

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