Common Types of Employees on a Construction Site

Common Types of Employees on a Construction Site


When it comes to a construction project, there are dozens of jobs to do. However, you may not be familiar with all the career options and dedicated people who make buildings come together. These are the common types of employees on a construction site.

Project Engineer

Project engineers are one of the technical staff on a construction site who manage the engineering side of the process. They are responsible for overseeing the implementation of the project plans and ensuring precision and quality. Because their role centers around management, you can see them inspecting work progress and delegating engineering tasks.

Construction Inspector

The inspector is one of the most important employees on a construction site. They are responsible for observing, inspecting, and following up with all safety issues. Because construction sites revolve around the use of heavy machinery and large building materials, there are plenty of ways for things to go wrong. By making sure the building is up to code, the construction inspector helps a project continue the right way.


As the name implies, roofers work to install the roof on building projects. There are many types of roofs and materials out there. It is the roofer’s job to secure the materials, as well as to install and repair the roofs on residential and industrial buildings. They can also inspect the roofs on a completed project to increase its longevity.

Brick Mason

Brick masons craft walls, outdoor patios, fences, and even fireplaces with bricks. Whether they are adding a decorative touch to a home or a brick wall to a business office, there are numerous ways brick masons operate on construction sites.

Crane Operator

The crane operator works the heavy machinery on site. Crane operators often work in tandem with signallers, using their unique relationship to keep the site safe. Whether they are lifting walls or lowering beams, crane operators are essential workers on construction sites. Without them, heavy materials do not budge easily.

Knowing the common types of employees on a construction site can help you as you decide which career path to take or which staff you need for your next job. Regardless of your current position or function, look for a job that appeals to you and go after it!

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