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Thousands Sign Petitions to Save Favorite Sodas

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ALEXANDRIA, VA – There’s some sad news for soda drinkers tonight. Tab soda and Northern Neck Ginger Ale – two soft drinks that may take Zebra readers back to their childhoods – will soon be discontinued by The Coca-Cola Company.

Coca-Cola told fans of the beverages last week that because of the pandemic, they have had to turn their attention to other products.

Fans of Tab and Northern Neck (named for Virginia) have signed multiple petitions asking the company to reconsider.

There are three different Change.org petitions related to the ginger ale. The largest petition has over 6,000 signaturesanother petition started by Virginia resident LaWanda Kelly has 3,400 signatures, and a third petition started by a fan group called “Northern Neck Ginger Ale Lovers” has 3,000 signatures.

“Many people depend on this beverage after a long day or just to wash down a meal,” Kelly writes in her petition. “Keeping this beverage in production will keep many smiles in place.”

For Tab soda, over 1,000 Tabaholics have signed this Change.org petition started by Luisa Williams, urging Coca-Cola not to end the soda that comes in a pink can.

“Those of us who have loved the slightly citrus flavor of Tab are in mourning,” says Williams in their petition. “There’s no way Diet Coke can replace our beloved Tab!”

Whether or not Coca-Cola changes course with their decision to can these sodas (excuse the pun) remains to be seen. Those interested can keep watch on the petitions. While the drinks are still here, you can pop the top and enjoy every last drop.

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