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Alexandria Restaurant Group Feeds 600 Poll Workers at 30 Locations

ALEXANDRIA, VA—Who says there is no free lunch? And we’re not talking peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, either. The Homegrown Restaurant Group in Alexandria gets everyone’s vote today for packaging and hand-delivering top-notch brown bags that included fried catfish sandwiches, hamburgers, tacos and pulled pork from their respective kitchens serving about 600 poll workers in all 30 polling locations today between 11am and 12pm.

Donna Anderson, owner of Sweet Fire Donna’s delivers lunch to election day volunteers.
Mango Mike Anderson helps Sweet Fire Donna’s with deliveries.

Five out of the six Homegrown Restaurants participated: Pork Barrel BBQ, Sweet Fire Donna’s, Holy Cow Del Ray, Tequila & Taco and Whiskey & Oyster.

Pork Barrel BBQ and Sweet Fire Donna’s prepared pulled pork sandwiches and baked beans; Holy Cow grilled up the burgers and fries; Whiskey & Oyster served blackened fried catfish sandwiches and grilled chicken sandwiches; and Tequila & Taco gave workers three different types of burritos—chicken, beef, and vegetarian—along with chips and salsa.

Sweet Fire Donna’s prepares their pulled pork sandwiches in their kitchen.

The meals were packaged in each restaurant’s kitchen via assembly line. Each meal also came with a $5 gift card to any Homegrown restaurant location.

Each free lunch came with a $5 gift card.

Bill Blackburn, a Homegrown Restaurant Group partner, commented, “We wanted to do something, and I was thinking of how to take care of the workers near our Del Ray location, when Mike Anderson said, ‘Let’s feed ‘em all!’” So that is exactly what Homegrown did.

Feeding all the poll workers is a logistical challenge, but within the span of one hour, the five restaurants served a total of 600 meals across the 30 polling stations.

Chelsea Anderson, Director of Marketing for Homegrown, along with Mayor Justin Wilson,  and her parents, Mike and Donna Anderson helped deliver the meals today. “We have found a way to use our anxious energy towards something good,” says Chelsea.

Voting signs outside of Blessed Sacrament Church polling precinct.

Mike Anderson said, “It’s been a long voting season and these guys have worked hard. Maybe we can help a little with some pulled pork.”

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