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Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Semi-Truck

Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Semi-Truck

Just as trucking is integral to the American economy, function, form, and comfort are integral to your truck. You need to feel good not only behind the wheel of your vehicle, but also feel good about the vehicle, too. Of course, a truck is unlikely to roll out of the factory to your specifications. The maintenance and improvements you’ll perform on your truck will truly make it your own. Here are five easy ways to upgrade your semi-truck for maximum performance, efficiency, and comfort.

LED Lights

Your factory incandescent lights can dim over time without you even realizing it. That can be as frustrating for a driver as it is hazardous. The last thing any driver wants is for headlights to begin failing in the middle of a long night on the road. Consider LED lights for a longer-lasting alternative that gives you brighter lights and fewer replacements.

New Mirrors

Mirrors represent one of the largest areas for improvement on a semi-truck. Your factory-standard mirrors are enough to get by, but given the importance of mirrors in truck driving, you want maximum clarity and coverage. When your mirrors need replacing, consider aftermarket parts rather than sticking with the manufacturer. They can be more affordable, of higher quality, and more easily customizable, so you can get exactly the view you want.

Smooth Out Scratches

Even the most careful drivers will incur some wear and tear on their trucks over the years. If you really want to be proud of your truck on the road, take some time back at the garage to smooth out some of those scratches that have built up. A little elbow grease will have your truck looking good as new.

Replace Your Seats

Improvements to the rest of your semi-truck are important, but there’s nothing wrong with allowing yourself some increased comforts. After all, the driver’s seat is where you spend most of your working hours. Why shouldn’t it be as comfortable as it can be? Refit your cab with a leather seat, a more cushioned seat, or whatever fits you best. You won’t regret it on those long hauls.

Consider Low-Resistance Tires

When you put miles on your semi-truck, your tires are the first place that feels them. As your first set of tires wears out, consider switching to low-rolling-resistance tires. Low-rolling-resistance tires use stiffer rubber to cut down on friction, which means it takes less energy to move your truck, and you’ll therefore burn less gas. If you’re concerned about fuel economy, your tires are the first place to start when it comes to easy ways to upgrade your semi-truck.

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