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Year-Round Schooling Possible Says Virginia Governor

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ALEXANDRIA, VA – In a press conference this week, Governor Ralph Northam said, “One of the things we are entertaining is perhaps year-round schooling for the next year. Perhaps adding increased days this summer. To really help our kids get caught up.”

“We want to get our children back in school, we want to do it safely and responsibly and I’ll have more to say [soon],” Northam said, adding that the state Department of Education is working on the proposal.

Citing the priority need to get all the children back to school, the Governor made it clear that is one reason his administration has put teachers and child care workers in line as part of the next phase of Virginians eligible for vaccines.

“Teachers are critical to getting schools back open, and that’s critical to people getting back to work and literally getting back to normal,” Northam said.

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