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Alexandria City Council Affirms Commitment to Racial and Social Equity

Alexandria City Council Chambers (Zebra file photo)

ALEXANDRIA, VA-On Jan. 23, the Alexandria City Council unanimously adopted a resolution to acknowledge racial inequity in the past and present, and commit to adopting practices and policies that promote racial and social equity. The resolution advances “ALL Alexandria,” the City of Alexandria’s commitment to pursue equitable outcomes for everyone in the community.

“This resolution is an important step in our efforts to acknowledge historic injustices and create a path to social and racial equity,” said Mayor Justin Wilson. “With the help of the community, we are renewing our pledge to advance policies that will create a future that is more inclusive, fair, and equitable for all of Alexandria’s residents.”

The resolution highlights the importance of collaboration between city government, community members and other stakeholders as the city establishes goals and equity action plans for city departments, and conducts race and social equity training.

The city’s Race and Social Equity Officer Jacqueline Tucker organized public engagement sessions in Nov. 2020 to receive community input on key values and actions to be included. More than 150 people participated in the virtual engagement sessions.

The “ALL Alexandria” commitment centers on race and how it intersects with other areas of inequity. This includes all races, religions, countries of origin, sexual orientations, ages, genders and abilities. The goal is to reduce and eliminate disparities and inequities experienced by all people, especially those in communities of color and other groups who have been historically and systemically marginalized.

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