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Animal Welfare League of Alexandria Celebrates 40,000 Pounds of Donations

The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria has collected and donated 40,000 pounds of pet food and pet supplies in the year of 2020. (Photo: Gina Hardter, Director, Marketing & Communications at AWLA.)

Alexandria, VA–This year, the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA) is celebrating its 75th anniversary, but it certainly has many more things to celebrate.

After a remarkable year for animal adoptions in 2020, the AWLA continues to astound. After tallying up another 2020 statistic, the AWLA has helped to provide more than 40,000 pounds of food and pet supplies to the community. That is approximately the size of a fully grown blue whale!

That whale of a donation was brought together by the efforts of the Alexandria community.

Gina Hardter, Director, Marketing & Communications at AWLA, explains, “Most of it was actually donated to us from the community, so it is really just neighbors helping neighbors. 2020 was a year where some people needed extra assistance, and we were so glad to be able to provide them that assistance, like pet food and pet supplies.”

The food and supplies were transported to other pet rescues and shelters, with the help of AWLA’s Pet Pantry and AniMeals programs, and ALIVE! food banks. (Photo: Gina Hardter, Director, Marketing & Communications at AWLA.)

When the AWLA finished collecting the 40,000 pounds of donations, they were able to further donate those supplies to other regional shelters and rescues through programs such as the AWLA’s Community Pet Pantry, its AniMeals programs for seniors and housebound residents, and ALIVE! food banks.

It took a community to collect the food; it took a community to distribute it. In each instance, Alexandria not only remained true to its philanthropic nature, but it allowed AWLA to do the same, for this year and the past 74.

“We have been a community resource for Alexandria and our broader community for 75 years,” says Gina. “We’ve been providing resources and help for our community, pet owners, pet lovers, and anybody who is involved with animals besides. We just couldn’t be more excited to be celebrating our 75th anniversary this year.”

The AWLA celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. (Photo: Z-TV Network)

The AWLA’s goal has always been to set pets and pet parents up for success. With the way Alexandrians pulled together during 2020, success is sure to be had in 2021.

Gina concludes, “It’s our community helping our community, which is just so very Alexandria.”

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