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Snow Duck Sculpture in Oronoco Bay Park Honors Disappeared Duck

Robert Dougherty with Lex Jr. (Photo: Courtesy of Robert Dougherty)

ALEXANDRIA, VA–On daily walks over the last four years, two local Alexandrians, Robert Dougherty and Kirsten Jacobson, have noticed three inseparable ducks, of three separate species, that reside in Oronoco Bay Park. A white duck, a grey duck, and a male Mallard.

The three ducks in Oronoco Bay Park used to be inseparable. From the left: Lex, Andria, Al. (Photo: Courtesy of Robert Dougherty)

“They live next to the water park year round, including winter. So part of our daily walks also included seeing what the trio were up to,” says Robert.

The three ducks hang out in the park year round. (Photo: Courtesy of Robert Dougherty)

Growing fond of the water-fowl, Robert and Kirsten felt the trio needed names. They chose Al (Mallard), Lex (white), and Andria (grey), in honor of their beloved city.

(Photo: Courtesy of Robert Dougherty)

In the summer of 2020, after the lingering effects of a hurricane blew through the area, Lex disappeared. “Lately it’s only been Al and Andrea,” says Robert. “They still follow one another around.”

Thus, when the snow came down in Alexandria Monday, February 1, Robert decided to pay homage to Lex by sculpting the Snow Duck, which he named Lex Jr.

The Snow Duck sculpture, named Lex Jr., honors lost duck, Lex. (Photo: Courtesy of Robert Dougherty)

Robert says, “We wanted to enjoy the snow since we’ve had so little the past few years.” Others have been getting in on that enjoyment, too. Lots of people, friends, and families have come by the park to admire and snap photos of Lex, Jr. “Sometimes,” Rob says, “you can even hear children exclaiming, ‘Look! It’s a snow duck!’ as they walk with their parents.”

Robert and Kirsten built the snow duck starting with three snowballs lined up on the ground, and one on top, then began filling and shaping and chopping away. They are “proud” of their creation and would love to make it a tradition every time it snows.

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