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New Electronic Scooter Program Launches in Alexandria

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ALEXANDRIA, VA-On Saturday, Feb. 13, LINK launched its e-scooters in Alexandria. The new program gives residents and visitors another option for getting around town.

According to a press release, “LINK scooters have consistently out-performed standard models thanks to their robust construction and unique custom-engineered technology. ”

The scooter is the first to use artificial intelligence to perform on-board maintenance. Each scooter contains five computers that constantly monitor systems. These computers also work together to perform repairs and flag parts for replacement, if necessary.

LINK has placed 200 of their bright yellow and silver scooters throughout Alexandria, including highly- traveled destinations such as Old Town, Del Ray, and Mount Vernon.

Superpedestrian, the scooter’s manufacturer,  has previously launched scooter programs in 13 cities – from Seattle, Washington to Rome, Italy. Those programs have shown that there have been no injuries from scooter use, no recalls or defects, plenty of scooters available, and the on-board AI has performed 84,000 repairs.

Adding to its safety and eco-friendly features, the scooter can slow riders in less than one second when slow speed is required and to avoid entering no-ride zones. It also stays off sidewalks, because of geo-fencing technology.

“We are thrilled to offer our LINK scooters to Alexandria residents during this challenging time,” said William Knapp, VP of Operations at LINK. “As we continue to live through the COVID-19 pandemic, safe, sustainable, and accessible modes of transport are increasingly important. We look forward to serving the City of Alexandria with our LINK scooters, engineered to increase rider safety and offer convenient individualized transport.”

Riders will be charged $1 to unlock a scooter plus 35 cents for each minute of use.

To ride, download the LINK app to your mobile device, and then search for a scooter in your location. Once you find a scooter, be sure the throttle LED is GREEN. This means the scooter is available to rent. Next, scan the scooter’s QR code (located on top of the handlebars) via the LINK app to unlock. Wait up to 10 seconds for the throttle LED to turn WHITE, indicating the scooter is unlocked and ready.

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