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Got ‘Em: Alexandria Police Department Makes Arrest, Clocking Cars at 105 mph in Road Race Near I-495 and Telegraph Road

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ALEXANDRIA, VA – The Alexandria Police Department made an arrest in connection with a high-speed vehicle race this weekend on I-495.

On Saturday, February 27, 2021, around 11:15pm, an alert APD supervisor on patrol in Old Town, observed and heard several vehicles with loud exhaust systems accelerating and slowing on I-495.

The road racing has become an epidemic itself and Alexandrians have been complaining over the last few months for some action.

“Drag racing enthusiasts are taking advantage of the pandemic to hold nightly races back and forth over the Woodrow Wilson bridge from Maryland down to the Telegraph Road exist in Alexandria and back,” wrote Vineeta Anand on November 15, 2020 in a popular Alexandria Facebook group called Bringing Back Integrity in Alexandria.

Other comments followed along with some doomsday messaging that the police were trying but just couldn’t catch them.

Until Saturday night when Sergeant Ryan Waple positioned himself to observe 3-4 vehicles traveling in a group, readying themselves to race at Telegraph Road and I-45.

The drivers of two vehicles, including a silver Mustang GT, then revved their engines and accelerated.  Sergeant Waple followed as the vehicles reached speeds of 105MPH.  At that point, he activated his emergency equipment and successfully stopped and apprehended the driver of the Mustang GT.

Mr. Edgar Lovos Granados was charged with Racing (46.2-865) and Reckless Driving by Speed (46.2-862).  The Mustang GT was impounded by the Police department.

“This type of behavior is dangerous to anyone these drivers are sharing the road with and will not be tolerated,” said Chief Michael L. Brown.  “We want to commend Sergeant Waple for his effort to stop this reckless behavior.”

APD has worked in coordination with Virginia State Police to address the speeding and racing issues with numerous speed education and enforcement efforts.  We recognize we still have more work to do to stop this dangerous behavior.

“The Police department also understands the community’s concerns and frustrations with the loud noise caused by altered vehicle exhaust systems.  However, under Virginia House Bill 5058 and Senate Bill 5029, law enforcement officers are now prevented from initiating traffic stops for a variety of offenses, including vehicles with altered exhaust systems,” says the APD in the press release.

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Mary Wadland

Mary Wadland is the Publisher and Editor in Chief of The Zebra Press, founded by her in 2010. Originally from Delray Beach, Florida, Mary is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Hollins College in Roanoke, VA and has lived and worked in the Alexandria publishing community since 1987.

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  1. Thank you to The Zebra for writing and publishing this story. As you said, this is an epidemic that continues to frustrate Alexandria residents on both sides of 495. Up until this point most Police offices have simply ignored the problem. I applaud Sgt Waple for taking this initiative. By the way, when I’ve spoken to local law enforcement the most heard excuse is the multiple jurisdictions that are at play. I’m curious then how an Alexandria police office stopped a vehicle on 495. Maybe jurisdiction is an excuse and Sgt Waple simply cut through the bureaucratic BS to solve a problem. As I sit in my living room on a Monday evening at 6:30pm I hear cars racing. And I’ll hear them at 8pm and 9pm and every hour day and night. It has been and will continue to be a problem of both safety and quality of life until police crack down. And, oh, by the way, contact your delegate and senator to tell them to repeal SB 5029 as it only exasperates the problem and ties police hands.

  2. At least alexandria pd is out doing something. Fairfax county officers are just sitting on thier hands cause they are afraid, at least according the Their union boss.

  3. Very happy to hear that something is being done with this growing public disturbance from reckless drivers of cars with very loud altered exhausts. They have no regard for the community. They know fo sure that they are disturbing the community with their very noisy cars at any time of day. The law should allow law enforcement to catch and fine drivers of cars with altered exhaust.

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