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CORRECTION: Alexandrians Advocate for Naomi Brooks as Finalist for New Name of Matthew Maury Elementary School

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ALEXANDRIA, VA–Tonight, March 18, 2021, at a meeting of the Alexandria City Public School (ACPS) school board, citizens were welcomed to advocate for the new name of Matthew Maury Elementary School. Tonight, Alexandrians advocated for Naomi Brooks Elementary. The final vote for the new name will take place April 8, 2021.

Naomi Lewis-Brooks was an active member of her community, of her school—as both student and teacher—and of her family.

She passed in 2020, and tonight, current members of Alexandria endorsed her as the new namesake of Matthew Maury Elementary School.

Reverend Dr. Howard-John Wesley of the Alfred Street Baptist Church stated, “For 30 years, she sang in the choir of Alfred Street Baptist Church. She modeled a balanced life as a business woman, civic and social leader, faithful wife, educator, all rolled into one. Her resume is the best and the brightest in Alexandria.”

Another Alexandria resident, Michele Chapman said, “I am grateful to the school board that the name changes will be enacted… I think parents and friends alike will be pleased as the history of the name of the school will be taught and [Naomi’s] name will be mentioned.”

She continued to discuss Naomi’s teaching career, “Even though the job is hard and sometimes thankless, it is worth it.”

Naomi is the epitome of an outstanding citizen, a good student, and a great teacher.

The final vote for the new name for both Matthew Maury Elementary and T.C. Williams High School will take place April 8. To learn more, visit

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