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An AWLA April Fools!


Blue, today dubbed Aloysius Fraggleplank, is a goofy guy, now with a goofy name. (Photo courtesy of Gina Hardter)

ALEXANDRIA, VA–It is the first day of April, which means warmer weather, blooming flowers, and of course practical jokes. April Fool’s Day is a holiday for anyone and everyone—and I mean every one, because this year, at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, the animals got in on the pranks!

This morning, to the surprise of the AWLA human staff, each and every adoptable animal decided to adopt a new name.

“You can imagine our surprise when we got in and saw every animal’s name had been changed…” says Gina Hardter, Director of Marketing and Communications at AWLA. “But somehow, all the names seemed appropriate.”

From cats to canines to reptiles, all adoptable animals took part of the April Fool’s Day fun.

“At 11 years old, the dog called Mickey wanted a name that captured his truly distinguished attitude, and he found that in ‘His Royal Highness, the Prince of Tails,’” says Gina.

This 11 year old distinguished boy, Mickey, now has an equally distinguished name: His Royal Highness, the Prince of Tails. (Photo courtesy of Gina Hardter)

Another animal went far out with her 60s inspired name. “Pretty Kitty was certainly an accurate name for a 1-year-old female tortoiseshell, but Lucy in the Sky with Tuna really captured her true passions.”

Lucy in the Sky with Tuna is a far out fit for this fancy feline. (Photo courtesy of Gina Hardter)

And the resident turtle even turned to a jokester. “As a creature who spends most of her time in water, Cola knew her name needed a little extra aquatic distinction, and we could certainly see Commander Seahorse leading the charge!”

Cola pays homage to her aquatic roots with new name Commander Seahorse. (Photo courtesy of Gina Hardter)

Who knows what animalistic antics the AWLA will see next April Fool’s Day?

To see a full list of the adoptable animals, visit

Cookie and Chispin are now better known as Thing 1 and Thing 2. (Photo courtesy of Gina Hardter)
German Shepherd Lorelei is now known as TennisBallLover2021, according to her online doggy dating profile. (Photo courtesy of Gina Hardter)

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