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Bunny Brigade Hops Around Town

Alexandria, VA — Volunteer Bunnies spread joy this spring as they delivered beautiful Spring Baskets to the doorsteps of hospice patients and their families throughout the Alexandria area. Capital Caring Health is a nonprofit healthcare agency providing advanced illness care to 1,400 patients daily. Patients from pediatrics to geriatrics received a loving touch from the Bunny Brigade this year.

From left to right: Pediatric Social Worker Monica Delaney, Bunny Laurie Manning, Volunteer Manager Roxana Rolbin. (All photos by Katherine Knoble)

Volunteer Bunny Laurie Manning focused on providing specialized baskets for pediatric patients. Laurie also made sure each sibling and the parents received a basket too. Laurie gathered members from the community along with life-long friends to donate toys, candy, books, stuffed animals, and other incredible gifts which made each basket spectacular. The baskets were overflowing and each one had a personal name tag, which made every child feel so special.  As Laurie and her bunny crew worked on the pediatric baskets, other dedicated volunteers began to build baskets for our adult patients.

Volunteer Amelia Kays

Volunteer Bunny Stephanie Puddy created over 140 baskets filled with comfort items such as cozy socks, crossword puzzles, snacks, scented lotions and much more. Stephanie, like many others, is finding COVID-19 to be an opportunity to bond through outreach projects. Stephanie, along with her children and grandchildren, stuffed the baskets and wrapped them in bunny cellophane, which made them look beautiful.

Volunteer Stephanie Puddy with baskets she made, ready for delivery.

Girl Scout Troop 3433, led by Troop Leader Cherie, are steadfast supporters of outreach projects which help Capital Caring Health patients. They have made veterans blankets and pillows, cards, and holiday stockings, and now took it upon themselves to continue giving by creating Spring Baskets for patients. The baskets were colorful and stuffed with refreshing drinks, snacks, candy, games and more. These young leaders in our community are constant givers and an inspiration.

Volunteer Maria Lewan with baskets of joy.

Once the baskets were ready to be delivered, Volunteer Manager Katherine Knoble called upon her volunteers to “get hopping.” This was a huge undertaking but no problem for the dedicated Capital Caring volunteers who always answer the call to duty. The “Bunny Brigade” volunteers delivered over 200 baskets to patients and their families, in just two days! Card maker volunteers Nancy Spence and Debby Busse provided enough cards for each basket, and personal messages were added. Each volunteer dressed in bunny ears which brought smiles (and laughs) to the faces of the recipients.

Left to right, Danae Delman, Marv Floom, Mark Victorson

Knoble speaks highly of her volunteers, “Although we can’t cure some illnesses, we can still provide joyous moments. Volunteers do this daily for our patients. I have never been so honored to work with a group of loving individuals. They are simply amazing people who go above and beyond to help those receiving advanced illness care.”

Festive and colorful, the baskets truly spread joy for the Easter season!

The Bunny Brigade did a fabulous job in spreading joy this spring season.

Capital Caring Health is a nonprofit organization providing care for 1,400 patients daily. If you would like information about volunteering at Capital Caring Health, please contact [email protected].

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